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Embody your sacred self

from the inside out.

Welcome to the sacred feminine era, love.


I'm Katherine Phifer and I work with women

from all over the world who yearn for a potent,

life giving and expansive ways to live their lives, connect with their bodies, love their relationships 

and do powerful work.

It is my mission to ignite women to embrace their sacred side, magnify their power   
and raise their expectations in work + life + love.  

Instead of
being  it all, we get to have  it all.
Instead of being caught in the grind of life, we get to live it.

The world needs powerful women who decide they are sacred...
...for the good.

The people who enter my realms are ready for sovereignty in every aspect of their existence.
They desire the expansion of wealth, but they also desire the most intimate relationships with themselves and others.

Katherine's Biography

Katherine Phifer is a sacred feminine maven who works with healers, coaches, mentors, therapists, CEOs and other leaders. Katherine's work focuses on the whole leader, which means her mentoring encompasses not only the expansion of leadership, but the foundations of intimacy in self and with others. 


Katherine's programs focus on self love, relationship building, personal development, melding feminine and masculine energy, high level leadership and wealth expansion. She offers a library of on demand digital courses, bundles and leadership sessions.


Katherine utilizes her intuitive and creative skills when working interpersonally with her clients.  Katherine's in person programs are intimate, small in enrollment size and high touch containers, and when you enter one of her portals you receive VIP treatment.

Katherine is the host of the upcoming podcast and community platform She's Sacred with Katherine Phifer, (join here).  She also hosted the podcast The Happy Love Project for two years. 

Formerly a psychotherapist, art therapist and supervisor, Katherine utilizes her decade plus experience of working with in crisis teenagers and their families in her work today. Katherine was licensed as a professional counselor (LPC) and was a registered art therapist (ATR) prior to becoming a mentor and coach.

Katherine spent her childhood and adolescence moving across the United States and the United Kingdom with her family because to her father's career in the oil business. Katherine lived in Aberdeen, Scotland and Cobham, England for most of her teen years.

Katherine is also mother to teenage twin boys and an angel daughter. Katherine, her husband Anthony, their twin boys and kitten, Nefertiti, all live outside of Nashville, Tennessee in a sweet town called Franklin.

What People Say...

Katherine's support helped me to laser focus on what I really wanted, identify what I would feel like when I reached my goals, and eliminate limiting beliefs and roadblocks that I didn't even know I had. 

Katherine Phifer








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