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OVER is global multi faceted, intimate and live experience. Designed for women who desire to ignite their spark, remember their true selves and live from pleasure and passion in every aspect of their lives.

For the woman who craves a juicy love life. A hot marriage. Feeling amazing, turned on, in her "yes" energy.

From the bedroom to the boardroom (or zoom room), 

her spark is ignited
and she leads from her unique passion.

She is her own lover and fuels
 her life and work in a precise, 
powerful and potent way.

Everything in her life opens up through the connected energy, vibration and alchemy of her mind, body and soul.


I'm Katherine.

I am a Sacred Feminine Mentor and online platform host to the world's most beautiful humans.

LOVER is my signature intimacy program designed to activate your life from the inside out-

from your body to your work,

from your boardroom (or zoom room) to your bank account.


It's all about the intimacy.

Everything in your realm easily becomes aligned and expansive

when you are your own best lover.

Now, I am not talking about self love in the bedroom,

although I do love that and have a course I teach about how orgasmic abundance is a great ticket to vibrant magnetism.

When I talk about becoming your own best lover,

I am talking about really diving deep with your own intimacy,

which is to see and know your self well.

This is about being vulnerable with yourself.

This is about honoring yourself too.

Everything you desire in your life and your work becomes more magnetic and more amplified when you heal and grow your intimacy with yourself.

This is a whole different approach to life, relationships and work.

This is about focusing on you as the whole, vibrant

and sacred human.

This is about your inner healing.

It's about your connection to your energy and vibration.

It's about your creativity.

It's about your magic.

We carefully and strategically release old patterns

so that you can rise.


We implement self love and self intimacy so that you feel lit up, powerful and at your highest vibration.

This is how I've healed autoimmune conditions,

created a world class company,

raised a healthy and happy family

as I have also expanded my own leadership and wealth

to reflect a life I used to only dream about.

This is how we do the deep healing work so that you are ignited from the inside out.

Your leadership of your mission only gets more potent.

You love your life more.

You say yes to everything you desire.

LOVER is about...

Multilayered Healing.  

Wealth Expansion.

Health Activation 

Pleasure Based Living + Leading.  

Magnetism + Abundance. 

When Women Come Into LOVER

They Immediately Ignite The Spark

That They Have Longed For.



LOVER  is an 12 Week Inner Circle Experience with only 12 spots.

LOVER is a high end, intimate, luxurious,

online portal designed to ignite your spark-

inside your body, mind and soul.

LOVER is a container and for

pleasure, happiness and massive impact.

An expansive, happy life is on the other side

of your lovership to yourself.


It doesn't take long to find and it's there waiting for you.


This is the answer to more love, more passion,

more connection, more spark, more happiness,

more power and more money.

LOVER is a portal to living a life and leading a mission you are madly in love with.

Your grand work and your happy life

are fully available for you.

You get to have it all.

If you desire it, you get to be turned all the way on,

have happy relationships, live a luxurious life 

and make a massive impact.

In the Magic of Lover,

We Are Moving Away From These Energies, Standards and Mindsets...

As we commit our time and energy to LOVER, 

we decide to move away from the actions, behaviors, mindsets and cultures that keep us from fully living our passionate life.

We move away from doing things that feel unaligned.

We are only available for the things that feel connected and in our highest good.

We move away from standards that feel stifling.

The rules sometimes just don't apply.

We examine them and move

from our own set of standards.

We move away from operating from

our own limitations and trauma.

We heal what has hurt us.

We actively shift our DNA to support us.

We move away from dulling our own light.

We turn our light all the way on, from the inside out.

We move away from feeling undevoted.

We devote our time, energy and passion to ourselves.

We move away from turning off

our pleasure and intimacy.

We do the challenging work to relearn what pleasure 

and intimacy really means.

We move away from mediocrity, in every area of our life.

We decide to live an ignited life

full of pleasure and power.


The Juicy Things That Happen Inside of LOVER...




The Live Alchemy Meetings

Half of the magic of LOVER happens inside of the twelve

live Alchemy Meetings.

Expect Alchemy Meetings to last approximately two hours.

Alchemy Meetings are a blend of teaching infused with the topics

of intimacy & leadership and deep dive hot seat coaching.

There is a Bougie Cocktail Hour and Closing Ceremony also included.

All meetings are recorded. 


Welcome Bougie Cocktail Hour

Bring your favorite cocktail, mocktail or effervescent drink and meet all of the gorgeous souls who said yes to their own lovership. 


Opening Ceremony + The Devotion

Week 1 + 2:  We start this powerful portal with an opening ceremony that will ignite your devotion to your own lovership. The magic begins when you say yes to you. Expect accountability, fun ideas and practices created for you to return to you


The Sacred Feminine Wounds + The Lover's Spark

Week 3 +4:  A crash course on The Sacred Feminine Wounds, and then a dive into your own spark. The Lover's Spark is that tingly, excited feeling you get when you first fall in love. We will be creating a Lover's Spark that will solidify your dedication to you and your life.


The Lover's Body

Week 5 + 6:  Your body, your temple. This is all about how the body not only knows the score, but the nervous system has more power than we've known. Most trauma is stored in the body and we will be doing powerful and safe practices for your expansion. This is all about body love, baby.


The Lover's Mind

Week 7 + 8:  This is how you "see."  Third eye activations along with mindset + belief work plays a huge role in the Lover's journey. We will wake up  your third eye and connect you deeply with your intuition.


The Lover's Soul

Week 9 + 10:  Your soul, your higher self. She is your sacred vessel for all of your desires and dreams. All abundance lies in your own sacred connection with your soul.


Leading Your Life as The Lover

Week 11 + 12:  This is where the magic melds. We blend it all together and set you up for a life of lovership.


Closing Ceremony

It all comes to culmination in this meeting. We blend it all together and say adieu in a special way.

The Library

Another magical part of LOVER is The Library.

The Library is a multi dimensional resource center for

your deep healing, your devotion and your expansion.

The Library contains an extensive amount of tools for your own unique journeyPart of your LOVER experience will be a customized selection of the tools inside The Library that will be suggested by me

during The Alchemy Meetings.

The Community

An intimate, global community of your future besties.

This is the third magical part of LOVER.

community of powerful leaders who are igniting their own spark and igniting the most potent and fueled selves they can be.

Lifetime friendships. Soul sisterhood.

The Melding of Pleasure, Happiness,

Power & Impact Happens Through A Unique Blend of Community & Personalized Work.

Inside of LOVER you have access to the following: 



"I suggest you run, not walk, to work with Katherine."

Sarah Hogan

In the time I worked with Katherine, I manifested a job and a romantic relationship beyond my wildest imagination, purchased a home independently and started an entrepreneurial venture. I 100% believe that I attracted all of those fabulous things into my life because Katherine's support helped me to laser focus on what I really wanted, identify what I would feel like when I reached my goals, and eliminate limiting beliefs and roadblocks that I didn't even know I had. 

Lover Swing.png



When you look in a mirror, when you are with a lover, and when you are leading a room full of active listeners...

I want you to feel the LOVER spark.

I want you to move from the power within yourself.

From your body, to your business, to your bank account...

I want to see you become the boundless woman.


Your life.  


If you desire it...

It was meant to be pleasurable.

It was meant to be expansive and abundant too.

You are meant to feel good.

Connected. Grounded. Inspired. Empowered.

You are meant to lead a highly successful company

and be resourced from within.
You are meant to feel passionate,

turned on, luxurious and powerful.

You are meant to fuel yourself while fueling others.

You are meant to access your magic.

You are meant to rewrite the story

about what you deserve

and how you deserve it.

You are meant to turn your fire all the way on.

You are meant to have spicy sex, make tons of money

and be an impactful leader all at the same time.


Enrollment is currently closed.



Lover, you are at a crossroads and the invitation is waiting.

You are at the crossroads


the road of doing things that have worked, but feel lack luster,


the road of igniting your fire and expressing your life from passion.

If you choose to walk down the path of LOVER, you will ignite your diving sacred self, and turn into your inner goddess.

You will claim your desire, your devotion,

your intimacy and your self leadership. 


It starts with you first.


L O V E R.

Katherine Phifer









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