For the leader who
desires to have it all.

Ignite your spark and let it flame.

Stoke the fire and allow it to rage...

In your life, your work, your self expression, your body, your intimacy with yourself and others, your relationships and your money.  


Let it burn down all that isn't in alignment to your highest timeline.

Burn it all down to rise.

And, birth what is in your highest good.

Redesign your energy, your life and your sensual self.


If, in your work and in your life, you desire to go big, to be bold, and to expand by quantum leaps, I believe In Her Power, The Self Expressed Woman will take you there. This unique 1:1 mentoring program is unlike anything I've seen on the internet and also unlike anything I've ever encountered.

Expect to become boundless by your energy and your power.


What this is, who it's for, what's required and what it includes:

What This Is:

In Her Power, The Self Expressed Woman is a one on one, high touch, high intimacy mentoring container.


Who This Is For:

This container is for the CEO, healer, business owner, mentor and any other person who is in a leadership role.  It is for anyone who identifies as a female. 


What It Requires:

This program requires a deep level of commitment.  I will ask that you follow my recommendations and use the resources offered.  

I may require that you break habits that are not serving you.  I may require you to do things out of your comfort zone.  I will require you to focus on providing your body and mind with healthy food, and nurturing yourself with good sleep.  

This container is for the leader who is well established in her role and is able to financially commit to a higher financial price point.

What It Includes: 

In Her Power, The Self Expressed Woman includes 6 months of 

mentoring including daily (Monday through Friday) Voxer conversation and two 60 to 90 minute coaching calls per month.

It also includes curated and customized support tools designed for your greatest up level.

Also, my love language is gifts, so expect to receive gorgeous things during our time together.

Are You Ready For This?

In Her Power, The Self Expressed Woman

is a five figure investment.

Monthly payment plan available.

If this feels aligned for you spiritually and financially,

please click the button to send myself

and my team an email to apply.

(You can also reach out through Instagram direct messages.)

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