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A return to you.

A return to your self love.

A return to

your magnetic energy.

This is the sacred opportunity to

 reclaim your power,

your energy

and your magic. 

Are you ready?

It's time.

It's a reclamation of you.


Imagine this...

Your life-

but turned all the way on.

Your life-

but more juicy, pleasurable and fun.

Your life-

but more rooted in your unique power.


I would bet...

I would bet that somewhere along the way to

building an empire and perhaps raising a family,

that your desires, your pleasure and your creativity 

took a back seat to everything else.

How could it not, really? 

You are a

powerful human with

big things to do here

on the planet.

I would also bet that you

run your empire

mostly entrenched

(perhaps sometimes unconsciously)

in your masculine energy.

It makes complete sense

if you do,

That's how we were

raised after all. 

And, I would bet that you find yourself tired,

last in a long line of things to take care of,

feeling a little out of sorts,

a little numb, 

a little tired,

and a lot like there is

something you are missing.

It's almost as if you just can't put your finger on it,

but you know it's there nagging at you.

What's the Sacred Feminine?

The word sacred means

"entitled to reverence and respect."


The sacred feminine 

is a concept and energy

that is rooted in creativity,

receptivity, compassion, nurturing,

sensuality, inclusion,

intuition, mystery,

renewal and

unconditional love. 

We all have the

sacred feminine inside of us,

and during the Sacred Femme Experience

we take the time and energy

to uncover and ignite it all.


And, just in case

you are curious,

we also get really clear

on all the great

and helpful things

the sacred masculine

does for our lives too.

The Sacred Femme Experience

The Sacred Femme Experience

is a 21 Day Practice. 


The experience is designed

to connect you back

into yourself so that you

ignite your creativity,

you feel more like yourself

and you open your life 

up to opportunities 

you didn't even realize

were possibilities.

Imagine your life 

after just 21 days

of presence, 

commitment and creativity

It can only be magnificent.

Inside this experience

you will commit to yourself

by eating well, sleeping well,

moving your energy well,

and by releasing any

of the habits

that just don't serve you.

You will make


to return back to

your sacred self.


And, you will

make a commitment

to release any "old" practices

of leadership + success

that just are not in

your highest good anymore.

Hey, I'm Katherine.

I know how tricky it is to find time for yourself to connect in to your power. I know time is limited and you are busy. Me too, friend. Me too. And, I know what life looks like without connecting to your power too. Early in my business days I spent a little too much time scrolling on Instagram searching for the meaning of life and I found myself drinking a little too much wine. I also would find myself numbing out to teenage tv drama on Netflix. And honestly, it wasn't fulfilling. I was running an empire (my business) and managing a home and I felt more disconnected from myself than ever.

It wasn't until I started really listening to my soul that I made changes. I created boundaries around my time and energy. I started a creative practice that was just for me. And, you know what? I became a more grounded mom. I became a better business owner and leader. I was a more magnetic coach. It didn't take too much time in my day to do these practices (especially when I realized how much time I was really scrolling Insta and binging prime time teenage soap operas) and it didn't take long at all to see the energy in my world to shift. 

OK. But who am I to share all of this with you?  Well, I have worked with hundreds of human beings to bring them back to self love. My speciality is in leadership, which flows through my bloodline. I have spent the last 5 years becoming a sacred feminine practioner and this is infused in how I approach my work with industry leaders. I also have an extensive professional history as a psychotherapist and art therapist, and I know the questions to ask and the journal prompts required to unlock your next level. I know how to hold a container of transformation. I am a walking example of my work- and I promise you, if you do the work, only good things will be uncovered.

What happens in the experience?

I really like the word "sacred" because it creates an energy around what you are going to do- which is to connect, in very specific and sacred ways, with your femininity.

(Scroll down to the FAQS if you have questions if this experience will fit in with your spiritual practices and beliefs).


We are in the middle of an awakening when it comes to leadership in the world.

The old ways, while perhaps productive,

just don't fit us anymore.


We need more

sustainable ways

to be present and

active in our lives.

Plus, it is our birthright to love

our lives- even if the

world told us

not to believe that fairytale

(which it isn't... a fairytale.)

If we desire to make a massive

impact while also living

a healthy, fulfilling, turned on

and tuned up life,

we will have to arrive to

our work and our

entire life in a new way.

The Sacred Femme Experience is designed to bring you back to you. It is designed to ignite your creativity and your power.  It is designed to tap into different parts of your psyche, your brain, your soul and your body so that you are ignited in a new and powerful way.

You will be absolutely surprised how much can shift and change in just 21 days.

We will combine a healthy life practice with a sacred practice for you to quickly feel how juicy and lit up you get to be in every arena of your life. 

Inside the 21 days of this experience you will receive a quick audio lesson, a journal prompt and a creative art prompt.

You have the option to decide

if you would prefer to journal

with your words either

by writing or speaking,

or with your art supplies

(you are in no way required to

do both journal activities,

but you can if you want!)


All of the art prompts will start with a mandala. A mandala is a blank circle on a page that you create art inside and outside. I walk you through how powerful and useful mandalas are in self discovery during the introduction of the course. (Carl Jung found mandalas to be transformational in his psychology work.)


Don't worry, I show you exactly what to do, what to buy and how to create a beautiful practice. I also walk you through how to create time in your schedule to do the 21 day experience. And finally, if you prefer to do an audio or digital journal I tell you how to do that too! We are modern people here.

We have live rounds of the experience a few times a year and you will be invited to participate in these experiences when they happen.  These experiences include three livestreams where we go deeper into how this practice can become something you infuse into your everyday.


Remember, I am a very busy human and I have time for my practice most days, and I know you can make time as well.

What included in the experience?

• A Detailed Introduction Section:

 Including a handbook, videos on how to set up your art supplies (if you choose to do the art prompts), an art supply list (including an Amazon Prime list if you don't have time to get to an art store). I also share with you my favorite journals too.


• A Detailed Set Up Guide.  

This will walk you through 

how to get your life ready

Inside the experience 

I will ask you to

commit to eating healthy,

moving your body,

letting go of things

that don't serve you,

and committing to good sleep.  

• 21 Daily Sacred Femme Moments:

Including an audio lesson to get you in the sacred 

feminine vibes.

daily journaling prompts... A written / audio journaling prompt and an art prompt for you to play with. 

•Plus, these supportive tools...

You will also get a printable,

beautiful PDF with inspiration

for your Sacred Femme Experience.

A printable journal prompt

guide to use anytime of the year.

A guided manifestation visualization to

use along side your practice. 

• Live Sacred Femme Rounds with Katherine 

Includes a Live Experience of SFE


Three live sessions

during the 21 days

to dive deeper into your

Sacred Femme Experience. 

• The Gorgeous Community: 

Access to a global, online community

of sacred feminine humans

who are here to change the world

in all kinds of ways when we embark on live experiences.

• Lifetime Access &

Invitation to Future

Live Experiences:

Lifetime access to the experience 

to come back to

whenever you desire.

SFE Payment

These are the FAQs

Will this fit in with my religious beliefs?

I am a very ecumenical person and speak in broad terms.

I may used the words God, Universe, Spirit, Spirit Guides, Angels.

I always recommend that you filter in the best word that suits you and your beliefs. I believe that you know in your soul if this experience will fit into your life on a spiritual and practical level.

Is this only for women?

All gender identities and expressions are welcome in this experience.

How much time a day will this require?

I recommend scheduling around 30 - 45 minutes a day to the practice.

While it's fabulous to do this experience in the morning each day, you can do it anytime you desire. I also recommend some kind of energy moving practice- which could be a 15 minute dance party in your kitchen, an hour yoga class, or a 30 minute walk outside- whatever you prefer and suits your soul and schedule for the day.

This sounds fun, but I struggle with completing things like this.

I know. I get it. I have struggled in the past too. But, here's what I want to say you: nothing changes if nothing changes. Once you enroll, pull out your calendar, schedule the live calls in there, and then schedule 45 minutes each day to commit to your practice. I deeply know that if you commit to this experience that you will only see your life shift in powerful ways.

What if I fall behind?

There's no behind in The Sacred Femme Experience. 

If you miss a couple days, you can either catch up or join us wherever we are. This experience is meant to fuel you, not stress you out! 

Plus, you have lifetime access to the work and also an invitation to any future live Sacred Femme Experiences. So win, win!

Tell me more about the journal practice.

Each day you will receive a written / audio journal prompt 

and an art journal prompt. You can decide which one you want to do. Maybe you want to do a combination, maybe you want to just do the journaling. Maybe you want to do art. You get to decide. I walk you through how to set up a written journal, an art journal, a digital journal and an audio journal- so our bases are all covered! 

What about refunds?

Due to the experiential and live nature of this program there are no refunds for this experience.

Katherine Phifer









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