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The HHM Pillars

The Ten Healthy + Happy + Modern Pillars

Our mission here in the world of Katherine Phifer is to inspire humans (generally women, but all people are welcome, naturally) to be healthy, happy and modern leaders.  Katherine takes a holistic approach.  Your ability to lead well doesn't operate in a vacuum.  Your body, mind and spirit play a starring role. And, we don't believe in sacrifices- you also are entitled to a very happy partnership with your significant other and other important people in your life.

Scroll down to read the 10 Healthy + Happy + Modern Pillars.



Pillar One: Lead Yourself First

This Healthy + Happy + Modern Pillar is dedicated to a kind of leadership that starts with each one of us first. We take our health, whether that's mental, physical or spiritual, very seriously.  We seek support to heal and expand ourselves.  We face challenges, and we face them when we are ready and supported.  We know that in order to be someone who impacts hundreds, thousands or even millions, that we start with ourselves first.


Pillar Two: Happiness is not overrated.

Happiness is never overrated!  We believe that happiness gets to be the norm, not the exception to the norm.  Your unique happiness is a blend of what turns you on and lights you up, along with a certain kind of peace that only you know.  Maintaining your happiness might require some work, but that work is always fruitful. And, my friend, happiness gets to be your baseline.


Pillar Three: Wealthy isn't a dirty word.

This Healthy + Happy + Modern Pillar is all about money. Wealth is an expansive quality that we all get to experience. Your work is world changing and of high service to the people & communities your serve.  Your work is worthy of massive compensation, if you want.  Your relationship with wealth is as unique as your relationship with happiness.  Wealthy has a whole new meaning in this pillar, because wealth expands your true nature.  

HHM Pillars
HHM Pillars
HHM Pillars


Pillar Four: Healthy is the foundation.

Our health, whether that's mental, physical or spiritual, is the key to our abundance + happiness.  When it comes to leading ourselves first, our health takes precedence.  We make it the top priority. We are unavailable for the things that make us feel bad. We actively search for ways to feel good in every aspect of our lives, so that we can show up and lead + live from a place of health.


Pillar Five: Throw the rulebook out.

Who set up the rules anyways?  Who created the rules for your work, for your relationship and for your life?  Often we believe that someone else knows better than we do about how to engage with our work, our relationships and our lives.  Instead, we are all about learning new things, applying what works to our creative lives and leaving the rest.  This pillar is all about throwing the rulebook out and creating your own guidelines for how you want to work, relate, play and live.


Pillar Six: Love gets to be groovy.

Often bosses have to sacrifice something, and occasionally that's love.  This pillar states its claim in the world and declares that not only is love important but it also gets to be fun.  Partnerships become a lot more fluid, comfortable, stable and solid. Partnerships get to be healthy, happy and modern.


Pillar Seven: Magic is real.

Whether you incorporate spells, crystals, moon cycles or rituals in your life, magic is a huge part of the healthy, happy and modern world.  You don't have to be a witch to enjoy using magic in your everyday, although you totally can be.  Your unique magic can influence the world in the most beautiful ways.  Plus, magic makes the world so much more sparkly.

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Pillar Eight: Community is a must.

To be Healthy + Happy + Modern, community is a must.  We desire people to connect and relate to.  In this pillar we heal our sister, witch and community wounds so that we can show up in a community (online and in person) with grace, honor and love.


Pillar Nine: Boundaries are the best.

Boundaries rule!  Boundaries are the keystone to our health, wealth and happiness.  We believe that boundaries keep us living our best lives and allow us to be the best leaders we can be.  Boundaries aren't always easy to enforce, but they definitely make life easier when they are in place.


Pillar Ten: Energy is magnetic.

Your magnetic energy is what attracts people in and empowers them to be lead by you.  By claiming your unique magnetism first, you allow others to easily come into your realm- whether that be fabulous love, a new client, or your team following your mission. You are a magnetic force.









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