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Katherine Phifer

Daily Rituals for the
Modern Leader

Your happy, healthy & modern leadership starts with you.

Often, the leaders, coaches and healers I work with and know are crazy busy with schedules, families, work and expectations.


There is not much room in their lives for time for themselves- let alone any kind of rituals. Their days are filled with taking care of others, working hard, and keeping their lives running smoothly.


They command tight ships at home and work.

At the end of the day, my friends and clients often fall into the trap of believing that a glass (or three) of wine in the evening is the best self care they can get their hands on.  

This mindset makes sense...

wine is fast, easy, takes no energy to pour and doesn't talk back.  

We all crave nurturing and fun.  

We want lightness and connection.

We desire to ground back into our selves. 


The people I work with and know are a lot like me.

We want just a little more in our very busy lives. 

We want to feel abundant.

We want to flourish.

We want to be happy.




Daily Rituals for 

the Modern Leader.

Daily Rituals for The Modern Leader.png

This e-book bundle is perfect for you if...

* You are super busy and feel like there's not

   much left for you at the end of the day.

* You run a tight ship at home and work.  

   You are a go getter and a boss.

* The two things missing in your life are      

   energy + time.

* You come last in a long succession of other

   people's needs.

* The idea of adding one more thing to your

   to do list makes you cringe.

* You would love to have a morning ritual, but

   are too tired and too busy to make it  

   happen.  Meditation sounds cool, but who

   has time?

* You aren't interested in adding any more

    work to your very busy life. 

* You find yourself cranky and craving sugar

   and lattes at the 3 o'clock hour.

* The day gets away from you frequently.


Why would you do Daily Rituals for the Modern Leader?

First of all, daily rituals anchor in your day. They support you in pausing and remembering who you are. 

While I believe that morning rituals are important, I also think that you can do so many grounding things in the morning and lose your momentum and power by afternoon and evening.   You are here on this planet to do great things, I know.  But, if you lose yourself to the busy-ness of life, you lose some of your magic too.

These rituals are quick and easy to use tools. They are tried and true....I use them and in the guide I speak from my own busy life, raising energetic (and adventuresome) twin boys, running my business and being married to a first responder who is gone for days at a time.  As a leader in the industry, I know I need these rituals infused into my day.


In the past, I have definitely said that I did not have the time nor the energy to dive into these practices.  But, with a little curiosity and playing, I have been able to practice these rituals with ease.

Also, my clients love these rituals.  Particularly the afternoon one.   Me too, really.

Why I created the daily ritual bundle...

Passion and my zest for life got away from me.  I found myself exhausted, waking up with no real pleasure and facing long days.  I wasn't unhappy, but I wasn't necessarily happy either.  I sung the praises of deep self care- but had no idea why I wasn't feeling fully connected to my self.  My inner abundance was missing and my outer abundance sucked. 

I found that I got lost in the day.  While I had a morning practice of some kind for a long time, I found that by 4pm each day I was craving sugar and wine. In the evenings I forced myself to watch television 

shows about teen drama so that I could escape from the world and not work.  I wasn't giving myself the rituals my soul really needed.  I lacked energy and time. 

The more I talked with women like myself... women who were leaders, business owners, mentors, coaches and healers... women who were powerful, strong and often mothers, I realized that I wasn't alone.  We were all struggling to get through our days connected to soul.  We were all married to the concept that there wasn't much left for ourselves.


What's inside?

Why daily rituals are important to you as a leader in your work, industry and life.

How to set boundaries with your kids, your partner,

your pets and yourself for your daily rituals.

What to do about all of the outside expectations.

What happens when you start doing these rituals.

What we are missing when it comes to

time and energy.

How to make time work for you.

Supportive tools to play and have fun with.

Your Modern Leadership Starts Here

What people say:

Katherine’s guide on key rituals really drove home a point of self care, and without self care, how are we to be worthy role models to those we want so badly to inspire and help?


Her style of self care is soul alignment, and guilt-free, even if you have kids or feel like crap!  Her advice is wise, practical, effective and backed with years of her experience in her work as a psychotherapist.  


As a wellness professional and medical doctor, I have found myself already aware of transformational habits, however, putting them into a ritual was a welcome idea, and Katherine put this so beautifully together in a free PDF that really should be made into an e-book in my opinion.


You can immediately sense that her work is done in genuine love for her community, and the people around her.  


I am so grateful for having found Katherine on Instagram and will continue to follow her offerings, that help to bring out the best in us, and that I am a great fan of her movement.

~Dr. Cheryl Kam

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