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She's Sacred

There are lots of opportunities for community out there. Networking groups for your business. Social connections through work. But, I want a place where I can show up in my full Hermione Granger self (a bit awkward, smart and unintentionally silly) and you in your full Hermione Granger self, and be loved for it.

Do you crave a sisterhood?

I sure do. A sisterhood of the most dreamy, sparkly, soul affirming humans. A sisterhood where we share our wins and our challenges. A sisterhood we can grow individually and together. A place where we can bounce our lives off of each other.

Here's what I propose… let's all get together as our authentic, beautiful, raw selves and become the brighter, sparklier versions we are meant to be.

My love, just for a few more short days you can join the Sacred Her Membership at 50% off the founders rate (this is the softest launch ever). When I was dreaming this community up, I wanted to create an online, global community where we could do two things: connect deeply with our sacred selves AND be in community with others who are on a life path of deeply knowing themselves.

Inside, we will meet twice a month over zoom for the New Moon and Full Moon (with recordings) and throughout the year for every Celtic Holidays (Samhain, Yule/Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha/Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Mabon). My intention is that the sacred feminine inside us loves cycle and ritual, and this is our opportunity for deep connect with ourselves and our soul sisters.

If you crave to feel juicy, fulfilled, connected, expansive- where your soul work lights you up and your relationships feel like a vibe, where you wake up every single day in astonishment and gratitude for what you've aligned with and created… this is your invitation to go in.

On Friday night, the membership price doubles. There's no long term commitment (I just ask that you stay for 3 months so that you experience the cycles and depths before deciding to leave). If you are feeling called to join- there will never be a better time than now.

If you don't know how you will make the time to come to the calls, or how to make meeting over zoom magical, I have some tips here: How to Make the Sacred Her Membership Magical

What do you have to lose?

Come on in… I am waiting for you.

Join The Sacred Her Membership for $33 a month now.

Also, if you already know you desire an even deeper container for your own self love, intimacy and connection- because your soul knows this is the path to more of what your heart desires… my signature program LOVER is open for enrollment. This is a 12 week, deeply intimate invitation that begins on February 14th, 2024. If you join before Friday I am gifting you three months of The Sacred Her Membership for free (to begin immediately!) READ MORE ABOUT LOVER HERE.

And, if you are desiring a year of expansion, depth, connection and rising… The Sacred Her Mastermind is also open for enrollment. This is a high level growth opportunity with a deep level of intimacy. Available for three people only, this is the only way to work with me privately in 2024. Right now there is a 15 month payment plan option. Connect with me via DM on Instagram to chat about the Mastermind.

Let's face it... life is busy. We have so many responsibilities. And, when entering a global, online community... time zones are real thing. How do you actually make time for something like the Sacred Her Membership sessions? Even more importantly, how do you make the sessions (which are hosted over Zoom) more magical?

These are my top tips...

How to make time for the Sacred Her Membership Sessions:

The Sacred Her Membership has two monthly calls. One is in the energy (often not on the exact date) of the new moon. The other is in the energy (also, usually not on the exact date) of the full moon. The new moon session is your opportunity to go within in the energy of how the moon is aligning with the month's astrological sign. This means that a new moon in Virgo is a much different energy than a new moon in Pisces. And the full moon is your opportunity to share about what's happening in your life, and get support as needed. There is a Q + A time and a live coaching time during the session.

Also within the membership are Celtic Holiday Ceremonies. Throughout the course of the year we will be eight times in the energy of the season and cycle of the year.

Each session is scheduled at least a month in advance, if not multiple months in advance, so that you can reserve the space in your calendar. I recommend that when the dates and times are shared with you that you go ahead and book that time. The new and full moon sessions last about an hour, and the the Celtic Holiday sessions last about two hours.

If your time zone is not conducive to the time zone of the session, there will always be a recording for you to watch later, and I highly recommend making space and time for yourself to do so.

If at all possible, I recommend attending the sessions live. The energy is much more potent, and you will feel it.

How to make the online sessions more magical:

In order to create magic for yourself in the online sessions, I recommend a few things.

Make yourself a yummy beverage. Whether that's a cup of tea, a coffee, a mocktail or a cocktail, it's lovely to have something to sip on.

Gather supportive items. A journal, a pen, some crystals, a candle... Have these things ready and set up before your call. Set up your space to be comfortable, magical and a portal for exponential change.

Have your camera on if at all possible. While it's not mandatory, there is a resonance that is created when everyone has their camera on.

Silence notifications, put on the do not disturb on your phone, have your assistant take your calls. If you are distracted, you will miss out on the magic. And, you will also distract others in the space. If you can't have your attention fully on the session, this is a good time to have your camera turned off.

Participate! Connect with others in the room. Connect with others in the membership. This creates a juicy yumminess to the entire experience.

I am so excited for you to be a part of the Sacred Her Membership. You can read all of the details about this beautiful community and sisterhood here: Sacred Her Membership.

Imagine this…

You wake up to the most beautiful day. You have slept amazingly. You take a deep, cleansing breath and with your eyes closed sigh into all the things you are grateful for.

Your children, (if you have them) wake in the best moods too. They have been feeling so much more calm now that your nervous system is regulated. They are mirrors to your internal world. They are happy to cheerfully greet the day with you.

Your lover is already up and making breakfast. He/She/They pad around the kitchen, tinkering with toast or pancakes or whatever they love to make. They hand you a cup of coffee and a kiss as you gracefully get yourself and everyone you need to ready for the day.

You spend a juicy amount of time getting yourself ready…this is a sacred practice. Perhaps you hop into a bath with bubbles and a candle or perhaps you find yourself in the steamiest shower with essential oils… you immerse yourself in pleasure in all forms. Your body is your channel to magnetism. Your root, sacral and solar plexus chakra turn right on and you feel tingly from all yumminess you offer yourself.

You dress in clothes that turn you on and that feel good on your body. You feel like you look amazing. You love on your body in the mirror, instead of throwing it comments of displeasure or hate, you are immensely grateful for what it has done for you and how beautiful it is.

You find your way to your work. You have the supports that your work requires. You have the supports that your life requires too. You have hired well, knowing that the people who lift you up are amazing at what they do. The cleaning person, the nanny, the assistant, the graphic designer, the business manager, the support team, the chef that cooks you meals, whomever it is that ignites your life is healthy, connected and flourishing because they are employed by you. You pay them well.

Your clients are doing the work. Your business is operating well. Money is circulating in. You feel confident that your finances only grow in an upward trend. Your work feels nourishing. You feel accomplished and purposeful. You are doing amazing things.

Your community feels healthy. Your friends are genuinely interested when you win and when you lose. They do the work on themselves so that they show up to your life with unconditional support and love. They are true sisters in a world that is still healing the sisterhood wound. And if your work is female community based, they too are led by your example. You are showing them how to show up to their lives in a new and powerful way, no matter their age.

If a problem arises, you handle it with grace. You know that you don't live in a vacuum and sometimes things can be challenging. But you also don't let those challenges consume you.

After work, you and your love meet for a date. They are so lit up by their own life, and so lit up by you. You are magnetic. Your energy is pulsating and calling them in. They can barely keep their hands off of you. And you love it. You relish in the ripening and ignition of your magnetism- with your lover and with everyone who enters your world.

You go home to make the yummiest love. You spend your evening happily doing the things that light you up, knowing tomorrow will be just as good as today.

This is the life of The Ignited Woman. She is intimate. She is deep. She is fierce. She is healthy. She is happy. And she is here to ignite herself and the world.

If you are ready for the delicious picture above, come on inside The Ignited Woman Year. This is an avant garde container consisting of the 7 programs I know it takes to be ignited, self expressed, intimate and lead with a regulated nervous system. This is the work. This is the year. 2023 sorted.

All the Ignited Woman Details.


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