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IV Therapy for My Wellness

In the spring of 2017, I found myself sitting across from Dr. Sommer White at The Vitality Medical Wellness Center, explaining that I was ready for more natural ways to manage my health and the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  For twenty years I had been dealing with symptoms of Crohn’s Disease,  and six years of Hashimoto’s symptoms.  When I sat down across from Dr. White to discuss my health goals and share my dream of not taking immunosuppressant drugs for my symptoms, I knew that I could feel much better than I did.

That was the beginning of my journey to better wellness.  As someone who strives to live a healthy, aligned life, as a Conscious Visionary Queen, but also deals with two autoimmune conditions, I am constantly open and curious about new ways to feel good and to function at my best.  Dr. White and I have restored my health in many ways, using food and supplements as my primary treatment.  We continue to work together so that I can experience my optimum wellness.  Now, twenty-three years after my diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, and nine years of Hashimoto’s symptoms, I feel better than ever.  

Along with diet and supplements, one of the treatments that Dr. White and The Vitality Medical Wellness Center offer to support my health goals is intravenous (IV) therapy.  By inserting a small tube inside a vein in my arm, IV therapy can infuse potent nutrients directly into my bloodstream.  For me, this is highly beneficial because my digestive system doesn’t completely absorb all of the nutrients that my body needs.

 Read my entire account about how IV Therapy works for me and my wellness through the link on The Vitality Medical Center Website below:

{ Description of Photos : The cozy chairs for IV Therapy; The Vitality Medical Center Waiting Room; Selfie of me warming my arm under a heated pillow for more coziness and for the IV nutrients to easily go into my veins.}

By the way, wellness is a huge part of me being Aligned AF... and I created an entire digital toolkit about how to be aligned on all levels... mentally, physically and spiritually and as a leader. You can check out the toolkit HERE.

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