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How to Find Your North Star

Sometimes we miss the mark just a little bit. It's not our fault. There were clouds in the sky. The conditions were murky. We couldn't see the light. We are trying to map out our soul path without the appropriate tools.

Your North Star is your soul purpose. It's that thing that lights only you up. It's what you were brought here, at this point in history, to live out. It could be as complicated or as simple as your heart desires. It is only yours. And, it is meant to guide you home to you.

Often though, our soul mission feels a little too far to reach. It feels like we can't make it. It feels like it just isn't meant for us. Maybe we aren't that lucky. Or maybe we aren't supposed to move towards it in this lifetime. So, we don't. We sit back, and feel slightly unfulfilled or greatly unfulfilled because we aren't reaching our dreams.