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How to Find Your North Star

Sometimes we miss the mark just a little bit. It's not our fault. There were clouds in the sky. The conditions were murky. We couldn't see the light. We are trying to map out our soul path without the appropriate tools.

Your North Star is your soul purpose. It's that thing that lights only you up. It's what you were brought here, at this point in history, to live out. It could be as complicated or as simple as your heart desires. It is only yours. And, it is meant to guide you home to you.

Often though, our soul mission feels a little too far to reach. It feels like we can't make it. It feels like it just isn't meant for us. Maybe we aren't that lucky. Or maybe we aren't supposed to move towards it in this lifetime. So, we don't. We sit back, and feel slightly unfulfilled or greatly unfulfilled because we aren't reaching our dreams.

The predominant patriarchal culture says that our dreams are too big, or are too loud, or are just too weird. Our anxiety and fear say it's too much, too far, and too risky. Our family and friends raise their eye brows. Our work colleagues think we are a little nutty.

But, this is it! This is what we are meant to do! This is our soul purpose. And, only we can do it.

How do you find it? Because sometimes it feels like searching for something lost, or so deeply hidden, it's like searching for gemstones in the depths of the ocean.

Here's how to find your North Star...

You follow the clues. You follow the things that light you up. You follow the turn on. You follow the "YES!" You follow what makes you happy and happier right now.

You follow the clues for what kind of help you need in the moment. You can't do it alone (well, maybe you could, but it would take lifetimes). You seek support in whatever unique way suits you. Healers, therapists, coaches, mentors and all kinds of service providers are all available for your unique needs.

You let go of all the stuff that feels like it is weighing you down. You become unavailable for the things that are no longer in alignment to you. You release things like certain people, conversations, habits and mindsets. You decide that your soul mission is way more important.

You make peace with the things that cause you to feel like you don't fit in. You decide that the things that others find fault with in you might just be the keys to unlocking your greatest desires.

Maybe you really like bougie things and everyone you know looks down on that. Or maybe you are super lazy, but get things done when they light you right up. Maybe you desire to live a nomad life and travel the world with your laptop and a suitcase. Maybe you want to build a life where you do your work, home school your kids and you din't feel burned out in the process.

You trust the things that are bigger than you. The Universe, God, Allah, Angels, Spirit Guides... whatever you connect with. They are there and cheering you on. They want you to live out your soul mission. They want you to experience your desired life.

You move in little steps and in quantum leaps. Sometimes it will feel like this journey you are on is endless. Will you ever be truly there? Yes. But then you will be moving towards something even more juicy. The journey never ends. And, you can move as fast or as slow as you desire.

You come back to you, again and again. Daily. You come back to your North Star. You remember it's out there, no matter how foggy or cloudy the sky gets. Your North Star is yours and guiding you to you.

Until next time, be amazing and do fabulous things.



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