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The Real Reason You Stay Stuck In The Same Damn Patterns

By the time we are well into adulthood we find ourselves living by patterns. Humans are incredibly adapatable, and subconsciously we learn how to navigate the world based on our past experiences. We adapt ourselves. We protect ourselves. We base our lives on what has happened in the past. We survive the heartbreaks.

While it's really incredible that we can adapt ourselves to survive, it also can be counter productive. We can actually keep ourselves from growing or expanding. We can keep ourselves from living the life of our dreams or having the relationships we desire, because we adapted ourselves over time.

If you believe that friendships with women are complicated...

Or you believe that pleasure and sensuality is both intoxicating and naughty...

If you have a complicated relationship with being a mother...

If you desire to have wealth in your life, and know there is more to it ...

If you do a very delicate dance aound success-- you want to succeed and you don't want to rise too fast or quicker than your friends or coworkers...

If you are known as the "good girl" and you put everyone else's needs before your own...

If you find yourself keeping up with beauty and body trends so that you "keep up"...

If you have a complicated relationship with your body...

If being happy means you have to choose yourself over someone else...

If you say "Maybe I am just not meant for... (insert desire)"....

You likely have experienced heartbreaks around these issues. I call them the sacred feminine heartbreaks.

And, the real reason you stay stuck in the same damn patterns is because you learned how to adapt to the heartbreaks so that they wouldn't happen again. And, they still keep happening anyways. You protect yourself, but the only way to actually get past them is to heal them.

You keep yourself stuck and small because the heartbreak was really painful and your subconscious doesn't want to be hurt again. And, to make it more complicated, you carry generations of heartbreaks with you. The pain in friendship heartbreaks that your grandmother experienced is also coded into your DNA.

So, how do you heal these things?

Well, a great first step is realizing they are there. Once you know what you are dealing with and that there is a different way to be, is a great starting place. And, then from there, you take time to heal your heart, your mind and your body so that you can live in a different way. I like to call it multideminsional healing. You shift the patterns of your thoughts and behaviors to create a different outcome.

There is a life out there for you where you feel really connected and good in your body. Where you have the most beautiful relationships with friends and co-workers. Where you are deeply rooted to your sensuality and pleasure. Where you have hot love with your partner. Where you feel super connected with your kids. Where you generate wealth on all kinds of levels. Where you choose yourself before anything or anyone else. Where you know that your desires are meant for you and and are on the way.

It gets to happen. It gets to be yours. And, you get to break the patterns.


Want to take this conversation deeper and learn how to create the most expansive, turned on, happy, wealthy and healthy life? I'd love for you to join me inside of The Sacred Feminine Awakening. This is a course on creating and living your best life, healing the heartbreaks that keep you stuck and leaning into practices that keep you healthy, wealthy and full of life. Read more here:

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