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The Magic You Seek is Found In Your Daily Rituals

Often, the people I work with and know are crazy busy with schedules, families, work and expectations. They are powerful, intelligent people who do amazing things in this world.⠀

There isn't much room in their lives for time or energy for themselves- let alone any kind of rituals or magic.⠀

Their days are filled with taking care of others, working hard, and keeping their lives running smoothly. They command tight ships at home and work. At the end of the day, my friends and clients often fall into the trap of believing that a glass (or three) of wine in the evening is the best self care they can get their hands on. This mindset makes sense... wine is fast, easy, takes no energy to pour and doesn't talk back. ⠀

It's no wonder they feel depleted and done. After everything else, they have nothing left to give themselves. I know this scenario well. I've lived and breathed it.⠀

Over the past decade, I have found myself exhausted, waking up with no real pleasure and facing long days. I wasn't unhappy, but I wasn't necessarily happy either. I sung the praises of deep self care- but had no idea why I wasn't feeling fully connected to my self.

I found that I got lost in the day. While I had a loose morning practice of some kind for a long time, I found that by 4pm each day I was craving sugar and wine. In the evenings, I forced myself to watch television shows about teen drama so that I could escape from the world and not be obsessive about my work. I wasn't giving myself the rituals my soul really needed. I lacked energy and time.

I also desired to change it. I wanted to feel my magic. I wanted to connect in deeply with the energy I knew wasn't lost forever. I was ready to be even more powerful, more grounded and honestly a better mommy and business owner. I knew deep down that feeling exhausted all of the time wasn't really serving myself or the people around me.⠀

The more I talked with women like myself... women who were powerful, strong and occasionally mothers, I realized that I wasn't alone. We were all struggling to get through our days connected to our souls. We were all married to the concept that there wasn't much left for ourselves.

I found that what I needed and what the powerful women I worked with needed, was a connection to our own magic during our days. We required frequent opportunities to come back to our souls. We were desperate to ignite fun and pleasure without craving the fast and easy coping skills like pints of ice cream and glasses of wine. It was essential to spark our passion and magic without feeling drained and exhausted. We needed rituals throughout our day, not just in the morning. We desired rituals that reminded us of who we were and the magic that ignited our souls.

With that realization, I created a daily practice that anchored myself to my own magic throughout the day. And IT WORKED. I felt better, more connected to myself and more connected to my soul. And soon after I started this practice I craved the fast and easy coping skills less. Because I was treating myself to real pleasure and not the numbing kind, I didn't need the sugar, wine and Netflix binges. I became a more grounded mom and a more connected leader.

And with that, I created a daily ritual practice for myself- that spans throughout the day. These are quick and easy practices I can do three times a day that anchor me into my soul and into my magic. And guess what? The rituals changed my life.⠀

I've created a free 22 page guide to support you in tapping into your magic. Whether you are a mamma, a CEO, a millionaire business owner, a person with 5 different side hustles... I got you. I go over what the heck magic even really is, along with why daily rituals are important AND the biggest things that can get in your way (hiya kids, partners, pets and work, not to mention our phones and lack of sleep too...).

You can get your eyes on your free copy by clicking: Daily Rituals For A Magical Life

I know, if you commit to this practice three times a day, you will come back to your soul in a really powerful way.

With love,



Hey! I'm Katherine. I'm an Empowerment & Leadership Writer, Speaker and Coach. I utilize my professional background as psychotherapist to support people to change how they live and lead. You can learn more about me and the work that I do here:


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